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Submitting an application to UBB

Become part of a company with long-standing tradition and a bright future. Send an application to us! Here are a few tips and some information to bear in mind when applying to work for UBB.

The application process

Please submit your application documents using our online application form if possible, or via E-mail, since that enables us to process it more quickly. We will also be glad to accept applications by post, of course - please send them to our mailing address as specified below. All incoming applications will be examined thoroughly. Please understand that this process may take some time.

Our tip: an application which is complete from the very beginning will save us time on requesting further information or documents, thus helping to speed up the application process. So don't forget to provide information such as availability or salary expectations. We need this information to process your application.

Your application documents

The more relevant information we have about you as an applicant, the better. An application should consist of a cover letter, CV and the relevant proof of qualifications. If possible, please send us a single file including all appendices to the application as a PDF or Word document. This makes it easier for us to process your application.

Cover letter

A cover letter with the following contents forms the basis of an application:
  • The position you are applying for (or the department, in the case of unsolicited applications)
  • Personal motivation, reasons for applying: It should be clear why you are interested in the position and why you in particular are the right person for the open position
  • Earliest starting date: Please let us know about any periods of notice so that we will be able to take this into consideration in the process
  • Desired salary: Please enter your approximate expectation in terms of gross annual income. As a matter of course, we will take this figure into consideration objectively in terms of your qualifications and the vacant position


We also require a CV in tabular form with complete and correct specifications of months (i.e. 01/2010 to 03/2011) for the career stations in your life, generally starting at the completion of your school education onward. Parental leave and unemployment, etc., are also important for us and should be included in your CV – this is the only way for us to get a comprehensive overall impression of your profile.

Proof of qualification

Complete your application with relevant documentation such as:
  • diplomas
  • employment references
  • certificates and qualifications

Unsolicited applications

We welcome applications from motivated and qualified candidates at any time. But please be certain to mention the fields and/or positions which you are particularly interested in and why you are well-suited for them. If we are interested in your profile, but we don't have a matching position to offer you, we will contact you (with your consent) so that we can incorporate your documents in our pool of applicants and potentially come back to you at a later time.
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