Your specialist for surface treatment

Our electroplating lines are equipped with a drum system for mass galvanization up to a drum weight of 100 kg. The cage hoist system is suitable for single parts up to 2 m in length as well as a bath depth of 1.2 m.

We also offer:

  • stainless steel pickling
  • power coating
  • hot galvanisation

Environmentally friendly methods

We make sure that our electroplating systems and surface treatment procedures meet all requirements of the Wastewater Regulation (Abwasserverordnung) concerning flushing technology, reuse of flushing water as well as partial flow treatment. We refrain from using hexavalent chromium in our galvanisation process to the greatest extent possible. Instead, we use greater layer thicknesses of up to 12 μm so that we can still offer treated surfaces with high resistance to corrosion.

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