Private label

Your partner for private labels

We have successfully worked for many big-brand companies for years. We offer all technologies necessary for the quick and professional production of high-quality profiles, pipe clamps, consoles or other construction components. Our high-performance machine park is ready for you:
Our eccentric presses with a press capacity from 40 to 315 tons are suited for processing material with a slit strip width of up to 500 mm and a thickness of up to 8 mm. Our core competency is high-performance die-cutting for large lot sizes.
We use our profiling line to produce all conventional profiles in cut lengths from 160 mm to 10,000 mm and up to 3 mm in thickness. We make individually adapted profile sizes according to customer-specific requirements – with great production performance at precisely the same high quality.
Our electroplating lines are designed for mass galvanization as well as galvanizing single parts up to 2 m in length and 1.2 m bath depth. We also offer: stainless steel pickling, power coating, hot galvanisation.
Our welding robots are used in series production. In pipe clamp production, the welding process is conducted in the press at a power output of 80 to 120 kVa during the die-cutting procedure.
Several manual welding workstations (CO2 and TIG) are available for the production of variants.
Our computerised high bay warehouse system offers more than 4,000 palette spaces. The logistics center offers all of the conditions necessary to supply you with your products quickly and smoothly. At your request, we can also take over the labelling in serial production under private label.
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